Meet Our Donors

“I was reflecting on just how influential your work has already been. I don’t know of any other place in the world that is producing truly learned and text-based Rabbis who are ready to serve our particular community needs while serving the universal realities around us. The bridge you all are creating has never been important…Nothing says Klal Yisrael quite like the son of a Reconstructionist Rabbi commending an Orthodox seminary" - Larry Tobin, Boston, MA
“Rabbi Abe Schacter Gampel is a kind, caring, loving, rabbi. He’s not judgmental and accepts everyone. I love it when he leads our Kabbalat Shabbat services with his guitar. He is able to connect to all of the residents regardless of their religious affiliation. He listens and makes sure that everyone is heard. He has a way of capturing everyone’s essence – whether that’s in leading a class or having a one-on-one conversation. He is such a good person — and that’s what makes him a good rabbi.” – Sandra Abel, Resident of the Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab, Memphis, TN
“With the support of Rabbi Aaron Lerner’s exceptional leadership, a new generation of Zionist activists has emerged at UCLA, unembarrassed and unequivocal in their support of Israel. These young leaders are prepared to confront the forces of BDS (and other anti-semites) head on, and advocate for a forward-looking, 21st century Zionism.” Jonathan Friedman, Los Angeles, CA
“For decades, Berkeley’s Jewish community was transient and in constant flux. People came here a short while to study or on academic sabbatical. Through his warmth, intellect, humor, and vision, Rabbi Yonatan Cohen has transformed Beth Israel into a destination in its own right—a shul bursting at the seams, where Jewish families can settle, grow, and thrive. His status as a halachic authority has never hampered his humanity or ability to connect with individuals, and personally, he’s the first rabbi I’ve ever known who I considered a true friend.” Jesse Kellerman, Congregant, Beth Israel, Berkeley, CA